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Connection Offer -- Get your Google Voice + C*Net & E911 now on any 3 SIP devices

Started by markosjal, August 08, 2017, 01:35:06 AM

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I have just put up a server , although there is no web portal yet. It allows you to merge the following, and for a limited time on up to 3 devices!

You get :

up to 3 USA C*Net numbers  1 777 3XXX (one per extension)
One MASTER USA C*Net Number that rings ALL your C*Net Extensions 1 777 36XX

C*Net direct dialing as 1 NXX NXX for USA or International CC Number
SIPBroker code direct dialing *XXXXX.

Your Google Voice account registered by way of your GV Gateway account (required), allowing inbound and outbound Calls by way of your Google Voice Account. (not officially supporting international calls on your GV account at present)

E911 by way of your own GV911 account

Requirements (prices indicate costs for those 3rd party services which are not included)

Google Voice Account registered to an @gmail address (FREE)  Google Voice Gateway account ($5.99 USD)

GV911 for E911   ($12.00 per year)

SIPBroker free SIP Peering to other networks (no sign up required)

For a limited time $20 USD gets you three registrations that allow you to merge the above services and make three simultaneous calls (even on Google Voice). Each account has its own unique C*net number , google Voice Calls can ring across the extensions that you choose, all or a single extension.


Contact me directly for Info
markosjal & gmail
+1 777 3139 C*net
+1 503 489 7870 USA
Phat Phantom's phreaking phone phettish