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Faded handset cords

Started by markosjal, August 20, 2018, 05:54:47 PM

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I purchased a lot of handset cords sometime back. I see that many of them, once opened ,  are faded . Beige cords that are very light beige and white in some places.

I was considering maybe Hair dye?

I was wondering if anyone has ever dyed the ruberized curly handset cords.


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IIRC there are a few posts on here about dying cords. Some with RIT dye and one I recall with Jello mix!
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I did a pink cord faded to white, back to pink.


Here is the topic link.

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Rit Dye has a product called "DyeMore", which is intended for synthetic materials, including vinyl.  I've used it to create a purple and dark blue handset cables. The key is to get the right mix of colors, as I don't recall a beige color.  Also, you have to consider the timing of the dye - like dyeing eggs at Easter - the longer it's in the dye, the darker/more intense the color is.  I have a couple of bottles and (at some point when I have some free time...) need to create a mocha brown cable for a 2554 missing the cable, as well as a pink handset cable that's faded beyond belief.

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