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NE302 with AE Dial

Started by b3tamax11, May 07, 2019, 07:40:14 PM

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Hello, I have a Northern Electric 302 I am working on. It's a bit different than usual in that it came with an automatic electric dial. I have the phone working for the most part, I have it ringing, it receives dial tone and makes calls but the dial is not wired up properly. When I dial, it sends no pulses on the line, and the bells ring as the dial returns. Any idea where I might be making an error? I followed instructions from another thread but I might have made an error. I attached a pic of the dial and the instructions I followed for reference.


The dial requires a different set of A.E. spring switches.   A.E. made dials for different telephone manufacturers, and they made different spring switch sets for the same reason.    The spring switch set you require is a type 29 set of spring switches.      I'm including 2 pictures.   One is a Northern Electric Uniphone, which, aside from the shape of the telephone, is electrically the same as a 302, and it has most of the same components as a 302.    Northern made the set for independent telephone companies, and offered different dials in the process.    In the catalog picture of the schematic for a Uniphone, you'll see an Automatic Electric dial that was available, and how it's wired into the telephone's circuitry.        Notice the set of spring switches on it.    The second picture is a picture from a small A.E. manual, and shows the different spring switch sets provided by Automatic Electric for their dials.     You'll see the switch set "AK-29".    That's what should be on the A.E. dial you have.   Click, and double click to enlarge.

Jeff Lamb