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New member with 1A2 parts and other items

Started by Lenp, April 07, 2019, 03:36:32 PM

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Thanks to Dennis, I'm a new forum member. For a bit of background, I had an interest in telephony since I first heard one ring, worked for Western Electric as a Central Office Installer,  taught electronics in the military, started and still operate a small business doing various technical work, and well, it just goes on.

As such I have accumulated some 1A2 items and other telco things that may be of interest to some. There is a a small lot of line cards, interrupters, dial and pulse, common talk intercom units, Telecor I believe, light flashing unit, ringing transformers, several 5 and 10 line WECO (and other) TT desk and wall sets, some 66 blocks and a half spool of 25 pair cable.  I also have a couple 52A headsets, a few repair kits for the legacy, orange AE dial test sets, a manual wire wrap gun with bits and sleeves some Bell system manuals, and as I think, possibly more.

It's not a large amount, aside from the cable, but it's more than I will need, or can use since my interests have turned elsewhere. Now that landlines are becoming extinct and office systems are digital, collectors like you folks, are probably the last ones interested.  So, any offer to take it away, all or part, would be strongly considered and If there is a sincere interest, I can make an itemized list and send it via email, or post it if allowed? Shipping would be from Northern Maryland via UPS.

And...I have an acquaintance that may be willing to part with a cache of AE Monophones and parts in various condition. If anyone is interested I'll see if he is willing to deal!

Thanks all,

To invent you need a good imagination and a pile of junk! (T. Edison)


Welcome Len, a great place to be with your back ground.
Post some pictures of the things you want to sell in the for sale section, sounds like you have some interesting things to sell.


Well, that is sure some quick response!
Thanks all, I hope to be able to contribute and enjoy the company.
No expecting this speedy interest, it will be a while but I will post the items.

Many thanks,
To invent you need a good imagination and a pile of junk! (T. Edison)


Hi Len. Welcome to the forum! A great place for collectors. Sounds like you have some interesting stuff. Get it up in the classified section and I am sure you will have no problem getting rid of it all. Also lots of interest in AE phones here so definitely have your friend get his stuff up here too!
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Len, are you showing your items on EBAY at all?


Hi all,
Sorry I haven't been around sooner but I got caught up in many projects.
I still have the 1A2 phone parts and will post a list ASAP.  Unless it's not allowed, I can post it in this area. 
Is that a problem? Just let me know where to post.


To invent you need a good imagination and a pile of junk! (T. Edison)

Jim Stettler

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