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Standard 1952 (Antwerp bakelite 302 looking)

Started by dsk, August 15, 2020, 05:17:00 PM

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This phone was one I got as a teenager.I did modify it to be able to use it to ring on my LB line to the basement, and  since then I just kept it.
All the photos are from these 2 threads:

If you reed those threads you will see that under the same look it was several other versions, but here is mine:                                 dsk

< edit 02-15-22 - linked wiring diagram image added >


Now this schematic is drawn in a "different" way...
After a while I believe I understood it, except the lower right part with the arrows?


How will it be to follow this diagram?  The terminals are not exactly right. but the wiring is, and I just modified a 302 diagram.

If you follow the circuit, it is pretty equal, but the hook switch is on the other line, the receiver is shorted during dialing, and the capacitor is split so it use the ringer capacitor + one more during speech.


Thanks dsk, now I see the arrows go to the dial which is not included into the diagram...


Yes, it may be pretty confusing with all the different ways of making diagrams, I got this phone as a teenager and could measure and identify what it was.  You will probably be most comfortable with the standard you see most often. I prefere this way of doing it
Here you see a Norwegian phone EB 1953 with both the wiring, and the principles, as little crossing wires as possible, and easy to follow the circuit.   Actually pretty equal to the phone in this thread.
Hook-switch and way of using the capacitors are slightly different, but the result are still equal, 1 UF ringer capacitor, and higher value for the voice circuit.


More about his phone here;
Some new pictures under, and the wiring diagram is extremely related to the BTMC 2725.


This circuit diagram is almost identical to this:

And also to the

< edit 02-15-22 - linked image added >