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Early transistorized transmitters

Started by countryman, February 20, 2021, 11:07:03 AM

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In a lot of "stuff" I received about a dozen really old transmitter capsules made by Krone (Berlin, Germany) lately. I never knew these were made that early. They are dated '72, '73 and mostly '77.
With my obsession for transmitters I am quite happy with the find :-)
They look just like carbon capsules but are heavier. Only after they worked very well I started researching what they are - definitely electronic because they are nonconductive below ~2 Volt (from the passage through 3 silicone elements, 2 diodes and a transistor).
Krone capsules weren't widely used and later transistor types were manufactured by other companies.
Here's a link to a German forum with wiring diagrams. Any other transmitter fetishists  ;D?


Not a fetish, but i do like good sound.
I have a couple mis matched " i assume" transmitters in a couple old phones I have.
The over all volume in the other phone is low in most connections. ???
And in a couple cases, quite low, or non existent. >:(
I would like to find solutions for these phones because, well, I just hate crappy sound lol.
If those things are German, I can't imagine them soundin bad ;)