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Seriss 1A2 KTU board build

Started by 5415551212, May 05, 2021, 11:51:24 PM

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Greetings all I have started building a Seriss 1A2 KSU board for experimentation, learning about PIC micro controllers and designing custom KTU cards.
I dont even own any 1A2 phones yet but this will take a while, so I have time to look around.
So far I've populated the resistors, small caps and diodes:


Do you have to source the parts, or did they come as a kit?


I source the parts, the designer Gregg mostly builds them himself and sells them as a finished board.
I have quite a few design change ideas and plans to build a 51A interphone controller board, so I wanted to build this one to see how it works before I start proposing to change things.
I am also interested in making custom KTU cards witha VOIP built right onto the card not sure if anyone is doing that or has done it.


Wow the VOIP sounds like a great idea. And building an interphone board is a great idea, but how many of those are going to be asked for?


My guess is probably zero to one LOL ;D
I need to learn a circuit PCB board layout program called kiCad (for work)
and get a better grasp of micro electronics and analogue electronics in general
so working some old phone stuff that interests me is just a fun way to learn.
And hopefully with some for your help


Quote from: 5415551212 on May 09, 2021, 02:40:11 AM
I need to learn a circuit PCB board layout program...
...working some old phone stuff that interests me is just a fun way to learn...

Good idea.

I had to learn autoCAD and a couple of other programs (way back). For me the best way was to sit down with the manuals. I literally opened the (very thick) manual at Page 1 and read every page whilst doing exactly what it said. It took me two weeks solid of long days doing nothing else but sitting in front of the computer screen with the software and the manual, but at the end of it I could use the program (I've always been able to look at a Maze and see the route through almost immediately, that may have helped ;D).

I still quite like PCB layout and enjoy soldering (with proper the 'old' solder though) although I have no call to do much, but still look at old boards with interest.

Recently I refound an old flight case containing boards for a DX telephone system. Headed for recycling, I can't quite bring myself to take them to the bins just yet...

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Those old thru hole eeproms are probably worth keeping.
You wont get any help getting rid of stuff from me LOL


I used old connectors from VCRs years ago, for my many projects.
It was a challenge getting some of boards but I had quite a few.