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NEC B64‑U20 KSU any use for old phone collectors?

Started by 5415551212, July 07, 2021, 07:02:23 PM

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Greetings all, were re-cabling an old office building and wile cleaning up a phone / network closet I saved a NEC B64‑U20 KSU from the recycle bin.
Does anyone have any experience with these?

Looks to be an electronic key unit.
I just found a manual online and skimmed thru to find the cards that are in it, there is the typical FXO (Foreign Exchange Office) cards for the incoming POTS lines and a digital line card for the proprietary NEC electronic office phones.
But then I see these two SLIB(4)-U10 analog line cards that appear to be analog FXS cards.
It appears to be just a tip and a ring to wire the phones.

I am curious if it would work with regular old phones, probably touch tone if any at all.
Thanks in advance