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Swedish magneto tabletop made 1942

Started by dsk, May 27, 2022, 10:00:57 AM

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I have had this in many years, and can not tell who made it, but it is marked Schema F18633.

Tried to draw the schematic by my selves.

(go to internat. app.)
has some similarly shaped phones and calls them Televerket. That phone company partly made their own instruments. Unfortunately the diagrams given are way different from yours...
As any Scandinavian design I guess these were strongly influenced by Ericsson / Elektrisk Bureau.


Thank you for the link!
This is probably a slightly newer version:

This is older, but the diagram is closer:, pretty equal.

I have to guess that mine is made between these two. The cabinet and the ringer are equal to the later one but the circuit with generator and induction coil is equal to the older version.
I have modified the diagram from the older one, just changed the location of battery transmitter, the ET terminals is added, and one of the EK terminals is removed.
Mine has been used in an office in the Swedish forces, and so I will guess that the newest one in the linked phones was and modified with battery box on the cabinet for military use, but that is just a guess!