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Coffin Magneto

Started by wds, August 13, 2022, 06:24:20 PM

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A seller was offering this magneto, but had it described a little wrong.  Before and after pictures.  Can't positively ID the magneto, but it appears to be a Williams.  Spins nice and smooth.  Mot much magnetism left to the magnets.  The entire frame seems to be grounded to the horseshoe magnet, so I'm not sure how to test it.  The shiny parts seem to be bronze, not brass.  The crank handle also seems to be Bone, not wood.  Of course chances of finding the wood box that this goes to is slim to none.  Nice find otherwise.


I remember seeing this, it looked more like a can opener the way it was photoed in the auction.
You cleaned it well and I see replaced the belt too, looks great sir.
Maybe you can find some photos and reproduce the box for it.


Similar magnetos were used in quack medical devices