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401A KTU

Started by PAULC978, February 27, 2023, 10:54:59 AM

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I am restoring a WE 551A KSU. The BSP calls for a 401A KTU for a manual intercom. I'm unable to find them.
Is a 401B compatible? Sorry I'm new to this. Thank you.


401B will work.The 401-type cards were used with "buttons and buzzers" for a manual intercom.
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Might I suggest a Tone Commander, Melco or other dial intercom
they can be picked up on ebay for under $100
Here is one on ebay now:
then you can dial your extensions.

You can actually run intercom on more than one line, so have fun.

You also can connect non-key phones to the intercom, or the key system in general, but it takes some custom wiring.

Here is a video on them



Thank you for the quick reply.