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WE 5H Dial Click

Started by Wallphone, August 24, 2011, 02:19:04 PM

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Quote from: RDPipes on December 04, 2022, 07:48:08 AM...I'm at an age my eyes are failing my reflexes are slow and I can't seem to hold onto anything without dropping it at least once hence the explosion of the last dial I tried to clean and repair having parts scatter from here to Bensonhurst....

Indeed, even for me, my eyes aren't what they used to be :( but it's still not so bad. On the other hand, I need my magnifying glasses. ;) Sometimes it's not easy.


The final WE dial design was the oblong cam opening and closing the pulse contacts illustrated by the #7C image below. It's found on #6 to #9 dials.

The shape of the oblong cam also determines the break/make ratio which off can be adjusted by slightly bending the pulse contact wing that the cam acts on (not recommended for the faint of heart hobbyist).

There are only two springs in most WE dials, the spring that determines the governor speed and the dial's large main spring which powers the dial while dialing (not shown, is located in the main spring tunnel between the large main spring gear and the finger wheel assembly on the other side of the dial).


Quote from: TelePlay on December 04, 2022, 01:24:22 PMThere are only two springs in most WE dials, . . .

The #2 and #4 dials had a set screw adjustable arm inside the governor used to set the dial speed. As such, those dials only had 1 spring, the main spring.

The AE worm gear governor shaft, used by AE and other manufacturers, had 2 flat spring leaves attached to the worm gear shaft and each flat spring leaf had a brake pad at the end of the leaf (inside the governor raceway). The dial speed was adjusted by slightly bending these flat spring leaves in or out to increase or decrease (respectively) the dial speed, its PPS.

Bending the flat leaves required a faster rotation for the pads to contact the governor raceway and that would increase the PPS.

Bending the flat leaves outward, away from the worm shaft, would result in  the pads contacting the governor raceway at lower revolutions and that would decrease the dial's PPS.

Worm drive governor dials only have one spring, the mainspring.

Dials are simple complex mechanical instruments designed by engineers decades ago in such a way that employees hired off the street could put all of those little parts and pieces together to make a working dial.

As with all old stuff, they were made with the capability of being disassembled for restoration or repair, a time much different that today's toss and replace stuff.