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NT Contempra sets with the ABS plastic base and electronic dial

Started by RotoTech99, February 11, 2021, 12:11:55 PM

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Dear Forum:

Of all the Northern Telecom Contempras I've ran across over the years, I think the ABS plastic base ones aside from being able to accept different configurations, the only regret is they don't have the "weighty" feel of the original cast metal base.

The electronic network dial combo for it is pretty good and feels user friendly, especially since polarity issues were largely solved.

I think the ePhone concept where Contempras are concerned was a good step.. Not so much for other NT sets with that.

I'm pleased with my Contempra Talia set, its a good example for improving an earlier design.



Old post but , can you tell me the difference between the " Electronic network dial ' and the ' normal dial ' found on the Contempra Northern electric .. I have several Contempra (with rotary dial) and the only Contempra with what I would call electronic is that it is (push-Button). If you have pictures, I would like to see them if possible. Oh I've seen Contempra with some option with button for I don't know what it's for. but never like the one you mention :)