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Find of the Month - November 2013

Started by AE_Collector, October 30, 2013, 12:16:09 PM

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Find of the Month - November 2013 -- Two Votes Each

southernphoneman's 1955 WE black 554 - $30
6 (16.2%)
George Knighton's WE Mediterranean Blue 500 - $550
3 (8.1%)
John S' 1 SC and 2 AE 32A14 Intercom sets - $60
6 (16.2%)
Dave F's 1976 WE Swirled 500DM in orange and ivory - $162
11 (29.7%)
unbeldi's PTT Heemaf Type 1955 - $47
2 (5.4%)
WesternElectricBen's 1967 WE  Green 624 Call Director - $25
7 (18.9%)
telcosteve's 1953 Black AE Monophone
6 (16.2%)
Matilo Telephones' 70s/80s Red Bratek Polish Rotary Phone - $116
4 (10.8%)
Gilas' Black AE2 - $40
14 (37.8%)
Spanish_phones' 1980s CTNE/Amper Spanish Phone
3 (8.1%)

Total Members Voted: 37


Just posted in a topic today and I'd like to nominate it, unbeldi's PTT Heemaf Type 1955 that he snagged for $47 delivered. Great looking phone in great condition. I know there are other similar phones posted (the white one with beige handset for a lot of money, for example) on the forum this month but this one, in shiny black at acquired at low bucks, is what I would call a very good candidate for Novembers find of the month.

This phone is posted on the forum at




My 1967 Western Electric 624 Call Director for only 25.00 on eBay. Just needs a good cleaning.

Previously discussed:



Well I hope this works.  I have worked now in IT for some time and for some reason I fumble around here.  I do apologize if it comes out bad.  Anyways... I am submitting my find of the month from a gem I saw in a friends garage.  He said, "Take it and if ya can get it to work then sell it, and let's split the profit.'  OK! :)  - Telcosteve


I hope you gonna keep this telephone ...It seems to be nice and clean..

Matilo Telephones

I nominate my bright red Bratek.

Not because it was cheap, because it wasn´t. Cost me 40 euros plus 45 euro´s additional costs.

Because I wanted it very very much indeed.
Because now I have it I´m certainly not dissapointed.
Because it is relatively rare.
Because it is in good condition with little wear.
Because of it´s unsual configuration, like a Siemens & Halske Fg Tist 282.
Because you can convert it to a wallphone. You can lift and twist the dial easily, without the need to open it up.
Because it's very unusual dial.



Check out my telephone website:

And I am on facebook too:


I will nominate by AE2 that cost me 39.95 with shipping included


Just found a few days ago, a 1980's Spanish button phone:


There are 10 entries in this month's poll. Thanks to everyone for their cooperation with last month's request to only enter their one, best, favorite FotM in November.

Everyone gets two votes this month and there are lot of good entries so it's that time once again, Time to Vote!


Quote from: Gilas on November 29, 2013, 12:13:08 AM
I will nominate by AE2 that cost me 39.95 with shipping included

WOW!!!  That is sweet!  Worth every dollar I'd say.


Voting is proceeding well with 31 members having voted to date.

Voting will stay open for a few more days.

If you haven't voted yet, take a few minutes to check out the candidates and select your favorites (two votes per member).

12-5-13:  33 votes with 13 and 11
12-6-13:  35 votes with 14 and 11
12-7-13:  36 votes with 14 and 11


Okay, voting has stopped so we may as well put an end to this month's competition! Some months are have run away winners and some are close, as was this November seeing a neck and neck race between two candidates. The winner came from second place, pulling ahead about half way through the voting and staying there for the past several days to win the contest.

Gilas' Black AE2 beat out Dave F's WE Swirled 500 by about 5%, a close race indeed! But, there can be only one winner so congratulations goes out to Gilas, this month's winner.

As always, thanks for nominating others "Finds," entering your own "Finds" and of course, thanks to everyone for voting for the "Find of the Month." November saw 36 members vote, considerably up from the good turn out of 27 voters last month. A very good showing indeed!

Pictures of all "Find of the Month" winners can be found -> Here <-

December's contest has been open now for about a week so if you see something someone acquired that you think is a great find, feel free to nominate it for the December contest.

. . . for Terry, who has by now found out that WiFi is weak or expensive in the middle of the Atlantic.  ;)