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Find of the Month - March 2014

Started by AE_Collector, February 28, 2014, 11:47:44 PM

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Find of the Month - March 2014   (TWO VOTES EACH)

Dave Beck's Black AE 50 for FREE from an Acquaintance (after refurb photos)
6 (16.2%)
dsk's Two (2) 1940 German Field Telephones for FREE from a Friend
3 (8.1%)
Spanish_phones' Near NOS Ericsson M33 (Ericsson type 1931) for about $89.50 Total
3 (8.1%)
WEBellSystemChristian's Two (2) Unfaded Ivory 302s from a Craigslist Seller for $35.00 Total
24 (64.9%)
Gilas' 1955 Mahogany 500 found on Etsy for $48 plus Shipping
11 (29.7%)
Mike C's Burled Walnet Northern Electric Uniphone No 2 found at a Flea Market for $35.00
16 (43.2%)

Total Members Voted: 37


I will nominate my 1955 Mahogany that I purchased for $48.  Arrived today and it is all original and dated 1955 throughout.  Even came with a coiled line cord.


Quote from: WEBellSystemChristian on March 14, 2014, 07:11:35 PM
I will nominate my two unfaded ivory 302 "trading post" finds. They cost $17.50 each, or $35 total.

What a find! I'm not even going to submit the WECO 410 I just found at a Goodwill. Too much good competition this month.

Tom Vaughn
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I think you should nominate your 410. I mean, the best I've ever come across at Goodwill was an ITT 2554 made in 1984. A 302 at a store like that is enough to make my jaw drop, but you found a version of it that is still on my wish list. ;)
Christian Petterson

"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right" -Henry Ford


I'd like to nominate Mike C's Northern Electric Uniphone No 2 that he found at a flea market for $35.00.

Appears to be a very nice burled walnut phone. Maybe someone else on the original thread can comment on the swirled aspects of the phone. A very nice find and a very good price!

Doug Rose

Mike it sure is a beauty! Here is a picture of mine. I went with an old cloth coil cord and a nice sani finger wheel to get all the black off this great Burled Walnut Phone. Mine has the swirled plungers as well. I later added a gold sani wheel that I had found. I noticed you have an AE dial on yours, so getting a brass of nickel fingerwheel will be a lot easier....Great Find!....Doug



In the absence of AE_Collector, who is somewhere in the South Pacific fighting his way to a cruise ship in a blinding snow storm  ::), he asked me to get this poll going for March.

So, it's time to vote for the March 2014 Find of the Month. There are six (6) contestants this month and each of the 6 is a very nice "Find" with the price of the contestants ranging from the always affordable FREE to very reasonable prices factoring in the condition of each phone for the money paid. All are worthy of being the Find of the Month winner for March. Only one can win that title.

Everyone gets two votes this time so use them wisely!


Voting is still open for the "Find of the Month - March 2014" phone.

The poll started off quick with 19 members having voted. There are two front runners that are very close to each other.

If you haven't already voted for your favorite of those posted in March, please do so.

The poll will be open for a few more days and it would be great if we could get the number of voters up into the mid to high 20s.


Going to leave the voting open until this weekend.

We had 35 people vote in November 2013.

As of this post, we are up to 29 voters.

Would be nice if we could at least match November's voters count, and even better to exceed it.


We had 35 people vote in November 2013. Up to 33 voters of this post.

Last 2 days to vote. Get your votes in (2 allowed) if you haven't already voted.



Wow, you did it! 37 voters in the March 2014 FotM poll, a new record number of voters in the Modern Era (within the past several months) and what a contest this turned out to be.

baldoldpeacock said of WEBellSystemChristian's two ivory 302s, "this one's going to be tough to beat", which while turning out to be prophetic, saw a last minute entry, Mike C's burled walnut Northern Electric Uniphone No 2 give WEBellSystemChristian's entry a run for its money, at least through the first 20 some voters. Then in the last few days, WEBellSystemChristian's 302s pulled away and went from a virtual tie to an easy win with 38% of the votes beating Mike C's phone by 8 votes.

So, with a record 37 voters, we see the March 2014 contest come to an end and declare "WEBellSystemChristian" the winner. Congratulations go out to him for the win and the great find, Thanks to everyone who entered the contest AND thanks to all those who voted for the FOTM 03-2014 Winner

for Terry . . . (who's still caught in a blizzard somewhere out of net access)  ;)


Turns out 37 voters in this poll is an all time high through all 42 Find of the Month contests. 37 voters even passed, by one vote, the 36 voters of our Find of the Year 2013 contest. We've seen an increase in interested members, voters, since these began in October 2010. Thanks to all who join in the fun, and, everyone will be welcome to cast a vote or two in the April 2014 contest next month.


Congrats Christian!

Thanks for looking after the "Find of the Month" office while I am away John and good chart too. Slow but steady increase in the number if voters. Now to beat that number or April!

Still south of the equator here but only for a couple more days. We are on our way to Hawaii from Tahiti.