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ATT 1D2 Questions on locks

Started by trainman, November 11, 2014, 11:01:08 AM

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I picked up a 1995 1D2. Everything inside is date matched. Its missing locks. What type, brand, model # of lock would this phone had when new?

Also, I know why the phone was so cheap. I didnt notice this until I looked at the back. Giant hole cut in the back to get to the cash box. I was so excited at finding a payphone at the antique store, i never looked at the back. Thats ok, you won't see it on the wall.

Any they cut it in suck a way you can still use a cash box without it falling out the back. if they had cut a half inch higher on the top and bottom cut, this would be impossible.

I was looking on line at locks, and the cut outs in the phone match the medico style of lock. Would the original WE type locks also fit? Also I know the single slot Westerns uses 30C on the vault, and 29A on the upper housing. What are the equivalent Medico numbers and keys?