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Gray 23D keys: idea and longshot

Started by oyang, September 02, 2015, 04:28:38 PM

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Hi All,

I got a Gray 23D without keys.  The top lock (to open for servicing) was easily opened and keyed by the local locksmith.  The bottom lock is more problematic. I have two questions and a suggestion/question:

1. Question: Does anyone have key L24777?  That is the one I need for this phone. A picture of that key would be hugely helpful.
2. Is there a tool to reach through the slot behind the drawer and unscrew the retaining screws of the lock?
3. Has anyone thought about building a database of keys?  I know there are a huge number of them, but even a partial database might allow a locksmith to see a pattern and narrow the possibilities to open the lock and make a new key. Of course some lucky people could find their key.  I took pictures of a bunch of 10L keys for the Gray 23D from past ebay auctions..... attached.


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