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Key needed

Started by Dan F, April 15, 2016, 09:05:50 PM

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Dan F

Does anybody in this forum have access to the code book and key blanks for Medico locks for WE telephones.

Just picked up a "Jail House" 1C2 type telephone. It does not have a coin slot. Both locks are in place. It is a Bell South telephone. I got the number using a borescope thru the back holes.

The key code is "FAAE4"



I don't have keys, but you can pick  Medeco locks. It's a regular tumbler lock.

Dan F

Each pin has to be in the correct vertical position AND rotated to the left or right to release the sidebar. Easier said than done.

Quote from: trainman on April 15, 2016, 10:55:03 PM
I don't have keys, but you can pick  Medeco locks. It's a regular tumbler lock.


True story.      If the Medeco lock uses a standard production keyway, a Medeco lock dealer (locksmith) "MAY" have blanks for it.      If he does, he may be able to cut a key for you.     There is no key code "book".     Key codes have been moved to software programs.      They are usually supplied by companies who manufacture key code cutting machines.     The one I used was made by a company called "HPC".   Their machine was called a "Code Max".   HPC compiled the key code numbers, and they were incorporated into a software program that they, (HPC), and included with the "Code Max" machine when purchased by a locksmith company.
Keep in mind, that Medeco will, for a fee, create a keyway unique to a particular customer.    Back in the early 1990's, the "fee" was around $5,000.00.     If the lock was provided by a specific locksmith, or the county or state who ran the jail, they may have purchased a "personal" or "unique" keyway.    If that's the case, the county or state correctional department may be the only one who can supply a key with the proper keyway that fits the lock(s) on your payphone.     (The keyway is the silhouette of the key looking down the key from the tip, to the head of the key).

Best advise is to take the payphone to a locksmith who is a Medeco dealer and see if he has the proper key blanks (proper keyway).     If he does, he'll most likely be able to feed the "key code" into his computer, which will give him the proper numbers to program into his automated key cutting machine, and he can cut you a key.        But keep in mind, Medeco key blanks are fairly expensive to purchase, and the vast majority of locksmiths will charge a significant price to cut Medeco keys by code.
Also, take the payphone with your to the locksmith, with your scope, so he can verify that the key code your asking him to cut, is for a lock that belongs to you.    Otherwise, he might not cut the key by code.

Jeff Lamb


Saw a video on YouTube of someone successfully picking a Medeco lock.


Quote from: trainman on April 17, 2016, 11:46:50 AM
Saw a video on YouTube of someone successfully picking a Medeco lock.

Quite a few YouTube videos on Medco locks, how they work and how to pick them.

But the question of what Dave has may not make any of those links to videos useful.

Dan F

Never mind. drilled it out.