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McDonald Pay Phone & Boothette

Started by Fabius, May 13, 2017, 08:25:30 PM

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Located at McD's in La Porte, Indiana. I've started making inquires about it to see if I can get it. It has been out of service for a few years. Still connected to the central office as there's battery on the cable pair. It's in good shape since it's indoors and can be seen by the workers.
Tom Vaughn
La Porte, Indiana
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Payphone installer

It would be hard to get the complete unit because you have to remove the phone to get the backboard off the wall. It will damage the wall. However ther are only 4 bolts to remove the enclosure. You will never find the keys.


I pulled one similar to that off of a brick wall. You can usually disassemble  the enclosure and get to the side of the phone. Since it's a GTE style you can either drill a hole in the upper housing and disable the lock or just go for the lock with a Dremel and carbide bit. Once the locks are disabled you can easily unbolt the phone and remove the mount. I used brick dust mixed with epoxy to fix the holes and mortar mix to fill the rest. It was on a 7-11 which became an adult video store. You have to look really hard to see where the phone was.


I have 2 of the side glasses for one of the Canadian McDonald booths.

Payphone installer

Unit is a Philips and Brooks  PC -6 you do not have to remove the phone to remove the enclosure. You just remove the bottom plate and there are two bolts up underneath that you remove then you remove the top cover plate which you access inside the light and it just lift soff two studs. Backboards are easy to get. jim