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Started by Butch Harlow, July 18, 2018, 06:08:09 PM

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Butch Harlow

Lemme tell ya, that Greg Goebel fella is a real peach. I can be a difficult customer, and this was no exception, but Greg stuck it out and made me some great deals. I got 7 new beauties today all packed with care, shipped in record time from across the country. I sure am sad he is winding down his collection, because he is such a pleasure to deal with. If you haven't perused his list, do so today. Thanks Greg.
Butch Harlow


I agree. I picked up a candlestick from him last week. Great deal, packed properly & shipped quick! He is an asset that will be missed!
Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

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I was able to do a local pick-up last week, and got some very nice phones to fill gaps in my collection.  I appreciate the opportunity to get some good phones at a good price.  Thanks Greg.
- Paul

Greg G.

Thanks y'all!  You can give some credit to my wife for first of all, tolerating my hobby, she liked to go on yard sale hunts with me, and now tolerating the pile of boxes in the living room, which is one reason they get shipped quickly.  I've put the sale on hold for now until I catch up with some requests, work on consolidating the boxes and making another inventory list. 
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Me too, thanks Greg.