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Find of the Month - August 2011

Started by AE_Collector, August 05, 2011, 12:07:46 AM

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Find of the Month - August 2011

bigdaddylove's WE 211 with 684A subset from ebay $49.99 plus shipping
0 (0%)
Doug Rose's Short Eared Oxidized Silver 302 for $70.79 plus $10.95 shipping
5 (22.7%)
Thor's Brazillian GTE Starlite for $15 at a flea market (in Brazil)
1 (4.5%)
Kenny's 5-55 Moss Green two tone WECo 500 for free
7 (31.8%)
wds' Kellog Candlestick that came with a #2 dial for $61 plus shipping
3 (13.6%)
Stephen Furley's Toasterphone won on ebaY for $16.50 plus shipping
0 (0%)
Nilsog's 507A PBX, a 1949 307 and a 1955 soft plastic 500 all for $80
4 (18.2%)
Sargeguy's screw shaft wooden base Hershey kiss perch 20-B original nickel for $302.51
2 (9.1%)

Total Members Voted: 22


Post your Finds of the Month for August 2011 here.



Here's mine, a WE 211 with 684A subset from ebay for 49.99 plus shipping

The handset unit has been somewhat poorly painted but it is still very original looking. Works great and the subset isn't in bad shape either.

Not bad considering Ive seen the same on ebay, some in worse condition,    going for $175-$250. Yikes!


Doug Rose pulled up another great and rare find.  

This one is a Short Eared Oxidized Silver 302.

My candidate for August "Find of the Month".

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$70.79 plus $10.95 shipping


$15.- at a Brazilian flea marked

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Brazillian GTE Starlite. More pictures and info at Reply #23:

Kenny C

I got a box of parts that had a two tone moss green 500 from 5-55 today. The housing was painted over with black and the cords and handset were replaced. The housing has no date but it's definatly soft plastic. I got it for free.
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I'll throw mine into the mix.  Nice Kellogg candlestick with a very nice #2 WE dial.  $61 plus shipping.  

Stephen Furley

Toaster for $16.50.

I'm not sure what "The Telephone has been updated with a dialer and modular line cord so it can be used on a regular analog telephone line." means, Dial not original?  Fitted with a Rotatone?

<Pictures added by AE collector>



The toaster phones usually go for more than that.  I think I paid close to $30 for mine.  I can see that the line cord was replaced with a flat modular cord.  The dial may not be original.  I don't think that I have ever seen a Signal Corps phone with a clear plastic finger wheel.  I don't think that clear plastic finger wheels existed when the last Signal Corps phones were made. 

This phone has a WE F1 handset.  That may not have been the original.  I think that most had Connecticut handsets.

There is little chance that this phone will arrive with a crushed shell.  Heavy gauge aluminium does not crush easily.  Do not drop it on your foot!


Stephen Furley

At that price it had to be worth buying.  I have seen Connecticut spares for sale.  Line cord no problem, I have a very long cord, it must be at least ten metres, which came off my SC 1243; if I cut that up I can make three out of it.  I've got spades, restraints and four prong plugs in stock.  What is the correct dial?  Most of the smaller makers seem to have used AE ones rather than make their own.  The handset is likely to be the biggest problem, but I'll keep my eyes open.  The 1243 had the wrong handset on it for a long time, but has the right one now.


I'll throw my hat in the ring-

Here's the stuff I picked up in Gilead, a 507A PBX, a 1949 307 and a 1955 soft plastic 500 with suede feet and straight cord:

[I MG][/i mg]  ( dead external link 11/22/17 )

All for $80. He gave me a serious deal, because he didn't charge me the marked prices. I saved somewhere in the neighborhood of $30.


I think I would be remiss if I didn't put my new lamp up for find of the month.  It's not everyday you find a clean, mostly intact and original screw shaft wooden based early Type 20-B with the Hershey's kiss perch and 100% original nickel.  I paid $302.51 for it, which happened to be my maximum bid (ouch!).  Luckily  I had sold three full US Oil cans (average price $106 each) the previous day, and the money was sitting in my PayPal account.  I found the cans in the trash a while back, and I put them up for a 5-day auction specifically to use the money on this phone, which was 7-days.  The amount I had left after PayPal fees was pretty much the same price as the candlestick with shipping.  So I kinda feel like it was a free phone (my wife does not subscribe to this theory).

1)  Early 20B with "Hershey's Kiss" perch and knurled thumbscrew

2)  Screw shaft

4)  Wooden Base

5)  Cast Iron stem bolt

6)  Came with a broken Chicago receiver that had a "CHICAGO TELEPHONES SATISFY" cap.  I just sold it on eBay for $48.  That makes the grand total $254.51.  Much more reasonable.

This is the 1937 model 302 of candlesticks.
Greg Sargeant
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Okay, August 2011 is in the books now so now it is time to consider the ultimate telephone "Find of the Month".  Sorry about the comment I made last month about all the great finds "drying up", looks like that trend reversed for this month.

Quote from: AE_collector on August 05, 2011, 12:23:49 AM
Okay, time to vote. Only three nominations this month. I guess the supply of GREAT OLD TELEPHONE'S is finally beginning to dry up....


We have Eight contestants this month. Give the thread the once over and make a choice as to what would have been YOUR "Find of the Month". It isn't neccesarily the best deal financially but (to me at least) it is what would have been the "find of the month" for you.



Looks like Kenny's Two Tone Moss Green 500 that he got for FREE runs away with the "Find of the Month" award for August 2011. Congrats Kenny and thanks to everyone else for participating in the "Find of the Month". Now on to September.


Kenny C

I would like to thank the academy ;) ;D and my mail man
In memory of
  Marie B.

Doug Rose

Quote from: Kenny C on September 21, 2011, 07:01:15 PM
I would like to thank the academy ;) ;D and my mail man
Nice phone is a keeper....Doug