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need help to identify payphone

Started by gonzo1968, July 17, 2013, 07:18:21 PM

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I believe that Dave has a good point in that it may not be a D3 board and as I pointed out on July 18th:

To Clarify-
It may not be a D3 board and instead may require external power. If so then the yellow and black wire are connected to an external transformer.

So while the yellow and black wires are typically used for carrying the power to the payphone when the transformer is located remotely, this board may have another type of connector on it.
As far as when the D3 boards were introduced, Bell-Com's 1995 press release touts the use of D3 boards.

Most likely better photos of the board are in order so that Dave can compare them with the boards in his instruments.


I agree it is NOT a Protel, it just has some features that remind me of one. We had lots of Protel 6520's as well as AE 120B's and there were occasions where we would convert from either one to the other in the field quite easily. But te. Upper housing would be completely swapped out along with various easily swapped internal parts. It was easy for us having all the parts on our trucks but wouldn't be easy otherwise.



hi again
well the phone been connected now for 5 days and still no dial tone
I have attached 5 more picture of the board


When the switch is in the PROGRAM position do you hear tones when you depress the buttons on the keyboard?

Have you checked with any of the payphone parts distributors about acquiring a new lithium battery?

I'm not positive but I may have located a potential source for programming you payphone, but until you are able to resuscitate it back to life it is moot at this point.


Definately an Ernest D3 so should be line powered. Try reversing the ring and tip in at the terminal strip at the bottom. Likely won't make a difference, but worth a try.

Make sure your line cord is continuous from line to spade terminals. If there is a break anywhere in that line, the phone will not receive power. They often go at either end, either at the modular plug, or at the spade end. Also, I notice the red wire has a Scotchlok connector on it - make sure it is continuous.

The keyboard and hook switch (everything going to the front section) needs to be plugged in to get the phone to do anything, otherwise it will be dead.

Years ago, I saved the following troubleshooting document from the Ernest site:

Also below that a manual for programming the EXT, a model which came out just after the 7D3 and which shares most commands and features.

One other thought I had - if you happen to have this connected to a VOIP port, I doubt sincerely that this will give you sufficient power to power up the phone - in needs to be plugged into a standard POTS line.

Main thing is to check the continuity of the cord first.

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I am putting a portion of my phone collection, mostly Western Electric, in display cases at a local library for the second year in a row.  Imagine that some kids these days have never seen a land line, pay phone, or a rotary phone?  I need help with some of the model numbers on payphones and butt sets. For example: 

1.  Western Electric 233G (dated 1965) Manufactured from 195X - 196X.
2.  Western Electric Single Slot Rotary (dated 1970) Mfd from 196X - 19xx.
3.  Western Electric Single Slot TT (dated 1990) Mfd from 197X - 199X.

I would have included photos, but I got an upload error.

Payphone installer

You will never get the board working wouthout the software,Bell-Comm was a scam company that sold scam payphone routes to unknowing customers,its a long story. All you need to make the phone work is a protel board for a cocot or and maybe a dial, the other parts will work. You need a protel 2000 board or a 7000 board that is tested and working. You can download it on the number listed in my earlier post. the phone will collect return and act as it should.