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Find of the Month - August 2013

Started by AE_Collector, August 02, 2013, 11:56:20 AM

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Find of the Month - August 2013 -> TWO VOTES EACH

New England Tel's Lifetime accomplishment finding a Northern Electric 500 Q3A
6 (25%)
Tel302man's WECo 500C/D 10-57 in Gray found at a Flea Market for $20
7 (29.2%)
liteamorn's white soft plastic WE 500 matching dates ebaY BIN $29 incl shipping
4 (16.7%)
MagicMo's 5-29-55 WECo 554 / black switch hook that she got for free
8 (33.3%)
Gilas' 591 Rose Beige & 500 Oxford Gray - $30 Total
16 (66.7%)

Total Members Voted: 24


I did participate only once so far and not a member of this forum for so long but I understood this contest in a way that it doesn't has anything to do with how rare or expensive/cheap an item is, it is just something special to someone what defines it as a true find of the month. If I don't have to care about money for example I can buy anything most expensive and rare on ebay but this doesn't make it special to me as I can buy anything anyway. It is a different thing if you're hunting for something for a long time and then get the chance or find anything with a special story behind. If I would find my parents first phone with our phone number on it this will be definitely something really really outstanding for me and a truly find of the month (maybe all time) even if the phone itself is worth just less than $10 maybe.
So my suggestion, if this has not been part of this contest already, an explanation why just this item is a find of the month for the participant will be a good idea. And this keeps it interesting as you will get other point of views to something you maybe didn't even spent a thought on so far (for example dsk's August find of the month T&N S1a-112/114 phone I would not even turn my head for at a flea market unless I want to get a stiff neck but it's special to him and surely not very common in Norway).



I guess Haf's having a point there.

Why did I even nominate this ugly extremely plastic telephone? Actually, I would probably not pay much attention to this one, my-selves. 
In this case I'm more focused on telling about how people care, and remembers you when when you have an uncommon hobby.  :) I's no better place to do it than here.  Maybe we should point out why we want to share our more or less popular finds. If I win here, its only the story. 

The payphone are more interesting, it looks odd, that's making it rare, but not expensive.  So why, I want to explore it, and may even be the way I may find out how to make a real working payphone controller, one who collects different amounts depending on number dialed.
It seems impossible to get one used in Noway, this one could be modified to Norwegian coins without the feeling of destroying an historical object.


New England Tel.

A few more thoughts...

First, and keep in mind that this is only one man's opinion, but - I really am not fond of the "multiple votes" system. I think that each member should get one (and only one) vote in a month. This "vote for 6 phones" doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

Now, when we get a month like this where there are many entries, I think that a "runoff election" type of thing might work well. For example, this month - you could make 3 different ballots of 6 phones each. Each member would get 1 vote in each of the 3 groups. Then, the top vote getters in each of the groups would go into the runoff election, and whoever wins that, is the winner for the month.

Again, just some thoughts...

-Bob Archambault


A record number of contestants (18) and a record number of votes per person (6) made it pretty difficult to figure out what to vote for.

We have 5 contestants who have received between 10 and 15 votes with two tied at 15 so I have now reset the Poll and am asking everyone to vote for your TWO FAVORITES from the short list of five.

Thanks to all of the contestants this month as well as everyone who took the time to vote. We turned this month into a record for the "Find of the Month".

The results from the first vote are recorded in the first post on page one for posterity.

Thanks everyone, now go vote for your Favoriite TWO Finds.



Okay, that didn't take long. We got 23 of the original 24 voters back for round two (or at least most of the original voters presumably) and it seems to be a decisive victory for Gilas this time around.

Congratulations Gilas on your Rose Beige 591 & Oxford Gray 500 bought for $30 and resold for...more than $30! And thanks everyone for participating! See you in September...


Russ Kirk

I like how this auction is done to reduce the numbers.

Good Job!
- Russ Kirk


It is hard to say what the best way to handle large numbers of items like this in a single month. It didn't seem to be very easy to vote for 6 different items but I am not certain how it would have gone with 18 items and only say 2 votes when only 24 people voted in total. It seems apparent to me that maybe no matter how many items the number of votes should probably be restricted to two or three maximum.

A run off worked okay but doesn't seem like the best way to deal with it, at least not something to be done very often.



Man that is really a cool phone.  Nice!

Quote from: New England Tel. on August 08, 2013, 08:16:46 PM
Well, folks, I think that I will start off this month's proceedings with my newly found & restored Northern Electric 500 Q3A. The 500Q/554Q series were the only local-battery 500 type sets ever produced. They were made in Canada, for use on the many rural local-battery lines that still existed there in the 1960's. I have been interested in this series since I first learned of it, and subsequently searched for one for over 10 years! Finally, after joining this forum, I found that a member had one that he wished to sell. I then obtained the correct generator from a different source!

I consider it a personal victory that I've finally obtained one.