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Found a WE 72J3A TONE DIAL

Started by RotoTech99, October 05, 2021, 10:55:03 PM

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Dear Forum:

I ran across a  1985 WE 72J3A tone dial today
.. It looks like the 72 type dial of the same style that uses click disk short travel buttons but the contacts for the buttons is a rubber sheet that make contact with points on a printed plastic contact sheet that goes into a edge  connector on the circuit side of the dial.

The travel of the buttons is like that of a 35 type dial.

It connects in the same way as other 72 type dials.


I like those late 72-type dials.

The older 35-type have often drifted from the original frequencies. While a 35-type dial may work on central office lines, the same dial may not always work when calling voice mail (to enter your password, for example) or auto-attendants.

The more common 72-type dials, while they have precise tones, still most users don't like them. People often comment that there's something wrong, since the buttons barely depress.

Studies were done by Bell Labs using feedback from real people, both for the layout of the buttons, and for the "feel." IIRC, 1/4 inch was about the best displacement of the buttons.
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I remember that type of dial...
It did seem rather weird that the buttons barely moved when pressing. ???
Almost felt like they stopped too soon.
Perhaps if they came out first, it may have been a different story?
Naw, they were just weird  >:(