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Help me frankenphone a ringer assembly on a AE model 90??

Started by Karen, March 20, 2012, 10:14:07 PM

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I have an extra ringer assembly that I want to put in a model 90  ( ).  The ringer has 4 connecting wires but I dont know where on the board to connect them.  Does anyone have a color pic of the inside of one I could go of off??


Connect the red from ringer to the L2 terminal. Connect the Black from ringer to 3, The slate, and slate red should be connected to each other, if no 4 is free, you may use it for this.
You will need a capacitor between L1 and 5. This capacitor should be 0.47 (0.5) μF rated at least 200V. (For testing, you may try other values.)

Good luck



I dont see anything labeled L2 like on 500 models, so I assume you just mean 1.  I tried that and it didnt do anything.  I couldnt get the G&RG on 4 since there were two wires on it already.


Yeah the line wires on AE 80's and 90's are on 8 and 10. I am not familiar with WECo ringers and don't know if the two leads that are supposed to be hooked together are there to insert a capacitor between or are for some other purpose.

Both 16 and 9 are otherwise unconnected terminals (splice points). So hook the ringer red to 10. Splice the two leads that need to be spliced (slate and red/slate) on 9. Hook the ringer black to 9 along with one side of a capacitor. Put the other side of the capacitor on 8 and you should be set to go.