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Problem with Handset Cord (no voice/dialtone heard)

Started by Budavox, January 08, 2022, 11:55:55 AM

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Hello, I have my green Japanese type 600 here. It is in nice condition however I cannot hear the voice/dial tone.

I thought at first the phone was broken, but my telephone modem was blinking, indicating a communication has established.
I tried to pull the handset cord and I can hear some noise first then the dial tone, but if I release the dial tone will be gone.
It needs to be pulled in a certain way around the handset so I can hear the dial tone.
No problem with the line cord, I can call a number using this phone and check it using parallel phone; the number called correctly.

- I have checked and clean the contacts, all OK
- I checked the speaker and mic, even try it in another phone, works perfectly
- So the problem is the handset cord...

There are four cables in the cord, two blacks B1, B2 (for the speaker) and two whites W1 W2 (for the mic)
Using my ohmmeter, one black cable can transfer electricity, and the other not (ohmmeter needle not moving)
one white cable can transfer electricity but not through (the needle is not pointing to zero, but move only around 1/4 way), and the other not.

Have anyone ever had the same problem? or there is some idea?

I think to bridge the connection.. is that possible? Like connecting from working black cable to the dead black cable in the headset..
But I think this cannot work (?) because the cable has its capacity, that's why they do it using two cables.
I still have not tried it yet because I don't have spare cable to do it.

Feedbacks are welcome.. thank you very much!