"The phone is a remarkably complex, simple device,
and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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What Made You Start Collecting Telephones?

Started by Doug Rose, June 06, 2010, 01:51:59 PM

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Doug Rose

Great stories! 

This is just an amazing thread that I strarted over 29.6K views ago in June of 2010! It's still going.

You can feel the passion in these posts!....Doug


I just rejoined this forum after several years away and so I am going to rejuvenate this thread.  I am by no means a big time collector but I have been interested in all things electrical since I was a kid.  I developed a deep interest in communications equipment in high school.  I obtained an amateur radio license (WB5CYS) in 1979 and began developing an interest in telephony.  I was lucky enough to be able to obtain this WE 202 that was my grandparents' phone for many years.  It was eventually replaced by somehow my grandfather was able to keep the phone.  I found it in a closet in his house in the mid-80s and subsequently stored it in a closet in my house until recently. 

I have just finished rewiring it.  I built a small external enclosure which contains a modern switchable ringer, a mini network and a Dialgizmo pulse converter.  The phone works great and I am very much enjoying using it as my desk telephone.  I still have some cosmetic work to do on the case - especially the handset cradle, but I have already had so much fun with it.

My next project is restoration of a WE 302.  I have learned so much from the information on this forum.  Thanks to all who take the time to post this information and to help newbies like me.

Best regards to all from Cal in Tyler, Texas.


Welcome back Cal. Nice phone, they are much more fun when you can use them.


Welcome back, this forum needs the old members returning!