"The phone is a remarkably complex, simple device,
and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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Wanted / WANTED: Top lock Key for a Gra...
Last post by Gary Z - Today at 02:25:58 AM
Is there a standard key to this E-10-E top lock? It has a smaller hole than the usual AE or Western. I am looking for 1 or 2.
General Discussion / Re: old Danish phone
Last post by dsk - Today at 01:35:28 AM
I have never removed that cover, but one on/off pulse lets my counter add 1.
Just remove the screws on red and green on both, move both green wires to the same screw  and fix it, then do the same with red. Connect the wire to those.

Phone Booths / Re: Booth (well, one of those ...
Last post by ChrisW6ATV - Today at 12:27:11 AM
Good news so far: I went to the location, and the booth is still there. Two of them, in fact! But, it was early, and they were not yet open for business. Perhaps I need to go back, with my pickup truck and a tool box, and say "Do you want me to remove those right now, safely?" to the owner (if he is the man I have seen there before). One booth even has a cradle for a phone book, still in decent condition.
Candlestick Phones / Re: Advice on winding new coil...
Last post by xtal_01 - Yesterday at 11:03:47 PM
Thanks guys!

Well it is not good to me this way ... and it took me 5 years to find one of these .... maybe someone out there knows where I can find a Monarch receiver?  I would gladly buy another if I can find one.

I think I will take a shot at fixing this one.

It might just be the connection where the two coils come together.

I do need to break the swage to get the metal retainers that hold the coils off.

I am not sure the easiest way to do this ... I started scrapping at it tonight ... might be able to get enough metal off to let them pop off.

If I was going to do a lot of them, I would make some kind of coil winder.  I think for one or two, I will just take a few nights and slowly go round and round.

I will be sure to count the windings coming off  ... and try to match the gauge as best I can.

Crossing my fingers.

I thought that I could simply swap out the singular RJ11 wall plate for a dual jack, but it seems that the two are not connected in the back and remain separate. Is there a way for it to work without running additional wiring?

Dual RJ11.jpg
Hi everyone,

I recently got my Windstream bill for my landline.  Another rate increase.  It has more than doubled since May.  So,  I guess it is time to drop it.  I had this current phone number since 1992.  It went from GTE, Verizon, Altel and now Windstream.

So I want to port my number over. I have not been impressed with with VoIP.  Least my workplace's switch to 8x8.  Maybe it is better with other suppliers.  So I have been looking at cellular solutions.  There are several dubious gateways to be had on Ebay and Amazon.

But Consumer Cellular has the Home Base Phone Base for $73 and monthly plans as low as $15.  Much better than Windstream's current $74.  Consumer Cellular from I understand is a reseller of AT&T.  I have T-mobile for my cellphones but having a different carrier could be a plus.  Redundancy.

Compatibility with rotary dial phones is not necessarily as i could run the line through my NEC NEAX 2000 PBX.  I would be able to make outgoing calls but I could receive them (if I ever get the trunk programming correct).

So what options have you looked at?  Are there better VoIP options out there?

BTW,  I am sure Windstream is just going to keep jacking the rates up.  Kentucky has removed the landlines from the PSC oversight in the larger cities and the FCC says it's OK to drop support too.

Max (former GTE employee, Transmission)