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Design Line Phone dial centers in chrome or gold question

Started by RotoTech99, March 25, 2019, 10:07:34 AM

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Dear Forum:

I have a couple questions about the metallic dial centers in gold or chrome used on WE Design Line phones like the Celebrity,  Sculptura,  etc,  please.

One collector I spoke with thought that metallic cardstock, or foil was used...

The ones I have seen appear to be aluminum discs with a brushed or polished chrome or gold finish on the top,  and an unfinished aluminum look on the bottom; I've attached photos of the gold disc,  the other disc is similar,  but in chrome brushed finish.

They don't act metallic,  they don't attract magnets.

I think they mainly served as accent or decoration along with the gold trim on most Design Line sets...

If anyone has some feedback or comment,  I would appreciate it please.  Thank you.



They don't attract a magnet because they are aluminum.
They are stamped in the diameter, some are anodized to look good, where others are left natural. All have a clear coating to keep them from oxidation.
Does this answer your question?


They had to use something decorative in that space because, since those rotary phones were sold in stores, it wasn't feasible to insert a number card there by the customer. So they used a brushed aluminum disc to decorate that spot. Sometimes they used a Bell Logo fingerwheel, with the logo molded in the center and a brushed insert, to further decorate that area. In some phones, like the Country Junction or the Americana, they used a Bell logo paper card that may have an acetate disk on the outside or plastic coating on the paper disc to protect it.

They did lots of different inserts. Looking at Paul's page of Design Lines shows many different inserts on those rotary phones.


They were used on some lease models as well.  Some models like the Exeter include a Trimline/2500 style number card/window regardless of the dial type