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Transistorized transmitters ID and suitable use.

Started by dsk, December 30, 2019, 10:22:05 PM

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Thanks for the pics! I printed front and back side to a full A4 page. I then copied the conductor paths to clear plastic, turned it around and added the components. Quite crude but it becomes clear that the circuit uses the normal bridge rectifier and a 2 stage transistor amplifier. Possibly the amplification is just too big and leads to distortion.



I'm afraid that looks like a fake shop, better do not make payments in advance.
-no real imprint on the page, legit German website are required to state a findable address
-weird wording on the website, it pretends to be a German business but the language style is not authentic
-there is a Paypal symbol but in fact only credit card payments are accepted.


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