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WE 1C hookswitch issue

Started by bitbucket, October 03, 2020, 03:50:50 PM

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A while back, I swapped out the hookswitch on my 1C. I thought I was safe as long as the new one had the same 11-pin circular adapter (what's its name?). I thought wrong.

I get no DTMF from the new hookswitch. Other phones work fine on the same line so external issues have been eliminated. I no longer have the original hookswitch.

Are there common wiring variations for these?

Thanks in advance.


Those are not exactly all the same. And its called a dial unit, some are wired for C and most new ones are wired for D chassis or newer type chassis.
So a picture of what you have now would be a help.

It sounds like its wired wrong. That plug you call an adapter is what connects the chassis to the dial hook switch to get the dial tone and able to dial out .

So exactly whats the problem, and what dial are you using for what chassis?


Photos of both sides of the equation are attached. The one circuit board is clear labeled 'D Configuration'. How do I tell how the chassis is wired?


I dont see anyway to change wiring on that dial unit.
Why ever did you change it?
Because you have a D type on a B chassis, the two dont mix well. Do you have another that you can use in your set? And swap the dial unit with a phone it will work with?
And whats going on with all those beanies on the wiring?


Not having the totalizer, the wiring had to be hacked to get dialtone.  Please take a clear pic of the lower terminal board near the round sockets.


Also, try reversing the Black and Red wires on TB2.  The terminal board in the middle of the chassis.

Payphone installer

What a mess, why don't you just get the correct parts, you also have to decide wether you want it as a dial to first or coin first phone as the parts are wired different. Regardless you need to start over it's a crime to mess up a nice 1C. I have the parts to fix your phone.


Just getting back to this phone. If anyone has or knows where I can get a Type B hookswitch assembly for it, please message me.