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"Tool" used for AE and North Dial Card work and refinishing phones too.

Started by allnumbedup, February 09, 2022, 09:41:54 AM

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These little 'tools' have come in handy for me unlocking the tab behind AE dial card retaining rings, lifting out WE cards, and even saving a North dial card and acetate from damage as shown.  I have also used them for cleaning soft and ABS plastic during refinishing of phones. They are very soft and made to be included with hand scrubbing sponges for surgery. They are intended to clean beneath cuticles and nails when surgeons or nurses are scrubbing for surgery but most often discarded. I get them free and unused at work but have noted they are weirdly expensive if bought on amazon. If you would like to try out p.m. me.
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I found a bottle  of 150 for $22.43 including shipping at

Avagard Nail Picks / Cleaner Fingernails and Cuticles, 9204 - Pack of 150

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