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FOR SALE: 1983 Thomsen / Socotel French Telephone

Started by ReneRondeau, January 31, 2022, 02:19:35 PM

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I bought this colorful desk set in Bordeaux, France in 1983. When I visited a friend in Paris a week later and got to plug it in I discovered to my great disappointment that it was not a touch-tone phone as I had thought. While it obviously has push buttons, it is a pulse dial. In the end I never used it once I got it back to the US. My wife spent her entire career as a French teacher, she used this as a classroom prop for decades. It remains in excellent cosmetic condition, and is complete with the so-called 'mother-in-law' receiver. I have no idea if it works, nor do I know what happened to the original French modular plug. So I'm offering this as-is, for display.

$35 plus $13 Priority Mail postage. Email: