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Western Electric T Key won’t turn

Started by Sam129, September 09, 2022, 11:54:39 PM

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So as the title states, I've been working on trying to get the old WE payphone that's at my job to work again and eventually become the main phone line. So far I've gotten a T Key and the correct 29A key. The 29A key will turn and you can hear the latch moving, but the T key doesn't rotate much at all. You can hear it moving something, but it's not seeming to be doing enough so you can pull the top piece off. Does anyone have any idea what maybe causing this and/or a solution? I'm thinking maybe it's seized up or maybe the top piece is just stuck and won't come off. Open to anyones thoughts.

Dan F

after it's unlocked the T-key should turn about 45 degrees to the right (clockwise) then just pull off the upper housing. Be careful there is a cable plugged into the lower half.