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Subset/ringer for 233G pay phone

Started by Shovelhead, July 06, 2010, 09:57:36 AM

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Looking at the insides of this, it has been "reengineered" to work coinless.

It had a 500 network and ringer installed, poorly I might add, in the place of the coin vault. The network was just set in place, the ringer, well it was kind of screwed down.

So, the question comes up, should I find a subset, or try to use a junk 302 for the ringer and network? Opinions, options?. The 500 network and the ringer is kind of tight in the vault. And with the thickness the metal, the bell must be muted. I have not even tried to see if this phone functions, will probably try this weekend.


Did you get this phone to work? Nearly nine years later and no on replied!  :)
Mark J.


I'm anxious to know too. I am curious if a 302 can be used.
Capt. Roosh.
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Since he has not logged on since 2018 you probably will not get an answer.

If the coin internals have been removed and a 500 network installed it should work. I did that with the Dolphin payphone I built.
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Hey all,

Sorry for not being more active here for the last few years! The phone hobby kink of got pushed aside for many reasons. I did get the 233G working though. A 500 subset and some trial and error wiring got it to work.

Since then I was gifted a WE single slot dumb phone that did not require any work except to get keys for it.

I will start being a bit more active in the future.

Dan F

I have found the 233 not that much different than a standard 500 set.

If you go to the archives and restore the wiring to factory with the subset then disconnect the #1 wore off of the coin relay to allow the phone to dial out that should do it. You may also want to wire tie the coin relay in the collect position so coins dropped in will fall into the coin box.

My icon to the left shows my 233 that was restored to original factory fresh wiring. This phone is complete.