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Hello from Upstate New York

Started by TransparentTrimline, July 12, 2022, 11:41:59 PM

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Hi, Fellow Phone Friends,

I'm Shane, or as you might see, "TransparentTrimline" I've lurked around for a little bit but decided it was time to make an introduction . My journey into phones has been long; I have fond memories of sitting in our living room talking to my grandma on our blue trimline. A trimline also always sat next to my grandma, so I really do like trimlines, and all their colors.

But let's talk more about why TransparentTrimline, in early 2022 I was walking around an antique co-op in the Southern Tier of New York and spotted, out of the corner of my eye, a transparent timeline. Holding it in my hand made me think of simpler times. So for $40, this Trimline was mine, and for years, I've been into cell phones, clinging onto my Blackberry's last life, and I had this new Trimline that used to be hardwired into someone's wall and had its cord cut. So I figured out how to get the connector I needed to convert it into an RJ11 plug (thank's eBay). But then the next hurdle, it only felt right to plug it into a POTS line. After much convincing, earlier this month, I got Verizon to sell me a copper line with a local-only dial tone; for $16.80 a month! (someone at Verizon isn't happy with that sales rep, and after a man in a bucket truck came and connected my line). Today I also got my 2nd Trimline, a yellow AD3!

So here's to this new adventure!

I'm also attaching a picture of the transparent Trimline which is an AD1

Jim Stettler

My guess is that you transparent trimline is a F# set.
I base my guess on the handset cord. The original base cord would match.
If it is a F# set, there should be a F# stamped in vermillion ink on the housing.

The F# trimlines were some of the first transparent trimlines.
A lot of transparent phones were used in the Phone Center stores.

You live, You learn,
You die, you forget it all.


Hiya Jim!

Here are some more pictures: I'm not finding that F, but am curious to know a little bit more about my friend, the transparent trimline!


Jim Stettler

I appears it isn't an F #.

The model # of this handset is the vermillion stamp at the handset cord.

A nice bonus on this phone is the handset cord.
In my opinion. the cord is worth the $40.00 you paid for the phone.

You live, You learn,
You die, you forget it all.


Quote from: TransparentTrimline on July 13, 2022, 08:30:46 AM...but am curious to know a little bit more about my friend, the transparent trimline!

Welcome to the forum, Shane.

I agree with Jim. The marking looks like 2220, the standard twelve button dial model.

For more general Trimline info, hopefully you found the Search feature to view past forum discussions regarding Trimlines.

In addition, there's more general background summarized on my site in several places. References are provided to help find specific Bell System Practices and articles that contain a lot more info. Start here and follow links, such as to the development timelines or detail pages:

Find some of the referenced Bell System Practices in the TCI Library.

The TCI Library is also a great source for info. Here's a starter search link:

This gives loads of info including articles, wiring diagrams and BSPs.

Searches can be modified by adding keywords to be more selective. A good one for some Bell System articles is:

Happy reading!

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Hi Shane,
I can't find any "F" numbers on my clear Trimline either.  The base is just marked AD1.  It came with a box for the handset marked 220A-29.  According to Paul F's site, the -29 is transparent.
Reference link to pictures and discussion:


A belated welcome from Georgia.  I've not been fortunate enough to find a transparent one, but I have several pigmented trimlines, dial and t/t.
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— Arthur C. Clarke


And a belated welcome from a former Upstate New Yorker who has been transplanted to the pacific northwest and who also loves Trimline phones!

That transparent is a very neat find Interesting that the dates on the base and handset are nearly exactly a year apart (3-75 and 2-76) and that it's the round button model as well!