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found 2 odd cord boards on ebay. info? comments?? here are the links

Started by RB, April 29, 2019, 12:28:16 PM

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Well, the first one ended, but 2nd is still valid as of 12:52PM


Screenshots from above auctions. Both ended, second listing not sold. Seller has relisted with 'make offer' added.

3rd screenshot of relisted Kellogg: ( dead link 06-05-21 )

Of the two, I prefer the relisted board.  :)
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Yeah, me too.
The small one, looks like it had been rode hard, and put up wet.
The big one looks like one of those assistant boards???
does not have near the innards as a 555 board.


Plus on the big Kellogg board it looks like all the switches have been cut off under the shelf. That would take a lot to rewire all those!
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