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Welcome to SMF! - CRPF Post #1 from Mark Stevens

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Simple Machines:
Welcome to Simple Machines Forum!

We hope you enjoy using your forum.  If you have any problems, please feel free to ask us for assistance.

Simple Machines

Mark Stevens:
Good thing that the software offers help... I'm sure I'll need it!  This is a test message, but do want to thank anyone who's found the courage to explore the new forum.  With a little luck (and some time), this could turn into something!  ;)
I've put this together rather quickly, and am not particularly happy with the look of the forum, but that's something I can do a better job of as time allows.  I'll also be setting up categories and all that good stuff, so don't panic because there's not much here... it's coming!
 - Mark

Hello.  Thank you.  I've collected phones and associated items, for many years.  Since I'm a retired broadcaster, I think my most unusual phone is a non-gloss stick that was used by a WOR New York engineer Thomas Laird, during a live broadcast fromt Lakehurst , Jersey, about one of the United States Navy dirigibles.  Also, I have two cranks (phones that is!):D one of which is  WWI canadian.  I found it at a garage sale in the mid 1990s.  An operator's headset, and one that was used by a railroad dispatcher.

Best, Hello Central

Mark Stevens:
Welcome, HC!  Sounds like you have some good stuff.  If you get the chance, perhaps you can post some photos!   ;D

Will do, and thank you!


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