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Reminder - Please Shorten URL Links

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Dennis Markham:
Members, please remember to shorten those long URL's before posting them.  Links such as eBay links that are very long.

Just go to  It's very simple.  Cut and paste the long URL into the window, push the button and then cut and paste the new, shorter URL and include that into your forum post.

Thank you.

Dennis Markham:
Many of the newer members may not have seen this post in the "News" category.  There was a problem recently because of an extra long link that was posted in a topic.

Please remember to shorten links, especially those that do not fit in less than one line.  Whatever program you like to use is fine.  Google has a url shortener as well as Tinyurl.

Thank you.


Doesn't simply using the URL feature in this forum work to do the same thing?


Your link can be as long as you want, and your descriptive text can be just one letter:


Dennis Markham:
Obviously you are correct, MDK!  I've never used the Forum software URL feature.  Would you mind explaining what you did using the Forum software, please?

You click on the button where it says "Add BB Tags" and this helps you make a clicky link.

To make Google the BBCode should look like:

--- Code: ---[]Google[/url]
--- End code ---


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