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Reminder - Please Shorten URL Links

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I personally prefer MDK's solution.  When you mouse over the link, the URL is displayed in the browser's status line so readers can see where the link goes.

Many are reluctant to click on link text if the destination of the link is unknown - for security reasons.

Dennis Markham:
I agree Paul.  I think the "in house" url conversion is much better than even the tinyurl conversion.  I have to plead ignorant.  I wasn't aware the forum software allowed for this link conversion.  Thanks Owain for education me (us).


Majorly cool.  Especially since I've heard that Tinyurl (and presumably Google) recycle or expire those abbreviated links.  (They would necessarily have to, due to the limited number of links that any abbreviation could support at one time.)

Whereas the method used in the software on this site, doesn't actually create an abbreviated URL, it just creates an internal equivalence in its own database between the character and the URL, so it should have such a high limit that it's unlikely it would be reached. 

eBay has shortened the addresses for item listings on their site. Regardless of what may show up when you are looking at at item on eBay, you can always give the link as where 123456789012 is the item number. I was so thrilled to find this out! That should be short enough to fit anywhere.

It can't be said often enough... when posting something from eBay, please post a picture from the auction since the auction and pictures go away eventually. Anyone reading it a few months after the fact will just be scratching his head.

One hint on the pictures: Enlarge the picture in the auction and then right-click it and save it to your computer. The small preview pic isn't designed to save that way, but the enlarged one is. On the Mac, I think it's control-click if you don't have a right-clicker.


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