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What do you like about The Classic Rotary Phone Forum?

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One thing I really like about this forum is that it is pretty much free from the bickering that goes on in other forums.  I certainly hope that even with increased membership, this forum can stay at a nice, friendly level!

-Bill Geurts, who thinks this place is like being "home".

you said it bill!

 i have perused other forums in the past, but none ever interested me until i found this place. i enjoy the friendly banter and of course have learned a TON. i appreciate that those with the knowledge don't patronize us rookies when we ask silly questions. ;D

i definitely feel like i have many friends here. ;)


Like to take this opportunity to thank all on here who have taken the time to respond to my sometime long-winded diatribes.

Yeah I agree, a noticeable lack of snide comments and mean spirited bickering seems to be the norm for our little phonelandia.  

It's pretty enjoyable.  

Dennis Markham:
It is a good bunch of people that pass through these halls.  Thanks to all of you for making it such a nice place to visit.  I get a lot of e-mail from my other site (even though I've neglected it and haven't put up many new posts) from people asking questions.  In my answers to them I refer them here, inviting them to join in the conversation.  Many just have one question and want to get their phone working but some have an interest in maybe another phone, or tips on cleaning, etc.  Before you know it we'll have them hooked like we are!


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