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Victoria BC Canada Phone Collector Bob Baxter


I received a phone call this morning that long time Telephone Collector Robert (Bob) Baxter from Victoria British Columbia Canada passed away in the last couple of days. I believe that he was about 74 years old. I will find some pictures and add more information here shortly.

I never did make it to his house to see his collection but am told that it was incredible. Bob didnít have anything on display that wasnít immaculate and he did much of the restoration work himself.

Iíve sure been losing a lot of my local Phone Collector buddies here lately. It is getting very depressing.


That is indeed sad news.  I knew Bob only from our email chats and phone calls, but the visits were always enjoyable.

He will be missed.

I'm sorry to hear that Terry, and thank you for letting us know.    I've known Rob through telephone calls and e-mails for a number of years.   He was a good source of information and good pictures of hard to find telephones.    I loved his collection of Northern 20-UN's especially.    He will surely be missed.   

Jeff Lamb


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