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I don't come here too often, but lately when I click said link, I don't get any results. Maybe it's my smartphone? Thanks

Works on my PC.

Figures, I tried it just now and it's working again. Sorry

Maybe a glitch. Usually we have had in the past quite a few posts each day. Lately it has been slow, then today an entire page.


Jim Stettler:
Sometimes, I screw up and lose part of my unread topics by logging out.

When you get the empty  "recent unread post" page. There is a blue bar that reads:
"No unread topics found since your last visit. Click here to try all unread topics."
If you click there, it will bring up all unread posts in your account.  I have 591 pages of unread posts going back to 2008, occasionally, I read some of them.


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