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sunset t&t co. invoice

Started by david@london, December 11, 2013, 09:27:33 AM

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i found this image of a nineteenth century phone bill on my bookmark list...........

i wonder if Blue 862 was the telephone number.




Wow this is soo cool. Thank you for the picture. I did some checking and "BLue 862" must have been the persons number on this bill. The exchange "BLue" is listed as in use in San Jose 1898 telephone books and was "manual service".

San Jose also used telephone exchange names Main, BLack, REd, NOrth, CEdar, CIrcle, CLayburn, CHestnut, ANdrews. That's all I could find.


Sunset Tel&Tel was the forerunner of The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company which at one time served parts of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, and Arizona. Exchange names such as Blue, Red, Black, etc. were not uncommon and in the late 1800s the service would have been manual.