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Telephone Signs, Directories, Advertising & Ephemera - Use

Started by DavePEI, March 13, 2014, 06:46:21 AM

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Items suitable for this area include both:

"Telephone Signs, Advertising and Promotion" -  "Telephone Signs, Advertising and Promotion" generally  covers items meant to be seen by the public. This would also include third party advertising, newspaper ads, attachments, advertising dial surrounds, advertising rulers, pens, give-away tool kits, needle and thread kits, promotional first aid kits. telephone number indexes, etc.


"Telephone Directories and Ephemera" -  includes internal paper signs, notes, memos, telephone bills, paper price lists, catalogues, Telephone Directories and Journals, stickers, pins, paper signs, etc. These do not have to be paper as generally defined under the term Ephemera but the key is whether it was intended to last or be kept in use over a long time.

Items with associated KS numbers such as Bell System Dialers will continue to be covered under the tool section, BUT non-Bell System dialers and those containing advertising will belong here. This is because the Bell Dialers are listed tools, contained within BSP documentation.

While it is impossible to list everything that could be included here, I hope that this will serve as a guide as to what type of items belong.

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