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AE Demo Cabinet Available!

Started by DavePEI, May 08, 2015, 01:39:46 PM

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I am working on cleaning up an North American Automatic Electric switching demo today, likely made to demonstrate automatic dialing years ago. This was one of the items which came down from Don last fall. It was in rough shape, with the support frames falling out of the cabinet, but it looks repairable, and the switches are in reasonable shape. Most of the wiring is intact. It is in an 3'x3'x about 14' deep oak box, with a thick plexiglass front, and the wiring is marked on the back. The plexiglass front bears an AE identification tag.  I needed to devise a safe way to hold the switch frame in place within the box. It was loose inside, causing some minor damage to the switch wipers. It is comprised of a line-finder and a connector. Lines are marked at a terminating box between the frames and back.  I will do just enough to stabilize it to preserve it, as I have too much else to do.

It will need refinishing and some requiring, a 48 vdc power supply, and a ring tome source, and two new wipers. The plexiglass is in good shape, but someone wrapped packing tape around it when shipping. I am not going to remove the remnants. No linefinder control circuitry, l/co relays have been found in the batch.

As mentioned, this and some other strowger switches and a test stand will be available for anyone who makes the trip to pick it up. Price negotiable, and will be low, with trades possible.

So make a trip to PEI, and make away like a bandit!
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