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Removing an ADCO booth from wall

Started by AlexHorse, June 22, 2022, 07:43:16 AM

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So I found a person who is going to sell me one of these ADCO phone booths but I wanted to check and see if anyone could help me figure out how they're attached to the wall. It's in a building that's for sale and the owner said he isn't sure how to remove it which is why it's still hanging up. I'd just like to get an idea of how to get it down so when I go to get it I can be in and out quickly and easily without causing damage to the wall.


Photos of the actual booth, from various angles, would help us better understand how it was originally installed, and to what.

If you don't have access, can your guy forward you any photos.
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I might be able to drive by and snap a pic of them through the window. It's basically a vacant building right now that's for sale. But if I remember right they're attached to a wall that's covered in wood paneling. I wasn't sure if there was a panel or something that you could remove that was hiding screws or something that was holding it to the wall.