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Odd paper ring in Leich handset

Started by RotoTech99, June 23, 2022, 05:41:13 PM

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Dear CRPF:

When I first opened my old style Leich handset, a thick paper ring fell out of the transmitter well... I've no idea what it's for, but I think it might be a gasket of some type.

I've attached a picture of it.

I don't know if it goes on top of the transmitter or the back of the spit up assembly...

If someone can enlighten me, I would thank them, please.



I have seen similar rings used in 2 situations:
1: on top of the transmitter capsule.
2: under the receiver membrane to adjust distance to the magnets.


Here's one cut out of newspaper. I found it in a test set that was apparently home built by a french lineman.
I suppose it is there to isolate the transmitter electrically and also from structure-born noise.


Hi, DSK:

I think I found where that paper ring went... It looks like it went in the receiver well with the reciever capsule.

I don't know if it went under or on top of the diagphram, so for now I placed it on top of it.

I'm still working on running down a Leich baseplate, either the one for the Leich 90 (which is the phone I have less the baseplate), or one from a Leich 62 or 70 to finish mine.

So far I have no luck, but I'm still looking.