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We are 150 Members Strong !!

Started by McHeath, June 23, 2009, 12:44:12 AM

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No one is going to kick sand in our faces at the beach anymore, we are up to 150 members of our little island of phoneyness, with Phonefreak being the newest addition.  

Since the US census folks estimate that the world population as of today was


we have only 6,788,368,647 to go.  Of course the birthrate is probably outdistancing us a bit.  I bet our growth rate could be accelerated if we start using steroids while we work out with our phones, maybe get us to Arnold Swarchegger levels of membership.  

Before soon heads of state will be calling us asking for OUR help in the latest Global Meltdown Crisis.


They'll have to mail us , McHeath.  Most people don't know how to call numbers like BEechwood 4-5789!

Bill Cahill

Yeh, and, besides, who knows how to use a dial anymore?
Bill Cahill  :o

"My friends used to keep saying I had batts in my belfry. No. I'm just hearing bells....."