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Hi from WI! Looking for housing/shell

Started by likewow, June 03, 2020, 05:17:38 PM

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Hi! I've visited here many times and am glad to be a member! I just bought a 500 aqua blue phone, but the housing is discolored. Is there a way to buy just the housing/shell? Thanks a lot!


Hi and welcome to the forum. Finding a housing that is not discolored will be tough. You can restore the color. If you check in the the restoration thread you will find many topics on color restoration. The ones by Teleplay using "chemical sanding" would probably be your best bet.
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No need to replace the housing. Plenty of info here about restoring colour. Search 'chemical sanding'.

Take a read through this thread:

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Quote from: HarrySmith on June 03, 2020, 05:47:13 PM
Finding a housing that is not discolored will be tough.
Harry forgot to add the word "Very" before tough.
Aqua blue is known for it's ability to fade. I feel it is the color that fades the most noticeably.
That said your best bet is to follow the threads posted by FABphones.
I have been collecting telephones for decades, I am lazy and seldom do anything to them. In my case I would leave this phone as-is and keep watching for a better example. As you watch, you will find many opportunities to buy more phones, you will also realize they made very many different types of phones.

These 2 threads have some nice eye candy to illustrate my point:

Find of the Month photo/ index
Auction contest photo/index:
Find of the month is an active topic, auction contest is not.
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Thanks for the help! That's an amazing transformation.


Hey, likewow if you haven't said that a few times after seeing all this forum has to offer... You will.
Welcome, glad your here